Outdoors for Life

Outdoors for Life

Step outside today for a better life! 

Outdoors for Life

Living a healthy, outdoors lifestyle is great for our health and well-being, regardless of our age, ability and background.

Through industry research and network building, Outdoors for Life is creating frameworks of diverse and inclusive programs for life-long enjoyment of Queensland’s amazing outdoors.

Children, families and participants of all ages and abilities will benefit from a network of organisations that provide programs that adopt a holistic approach to health and well-being outdoors. Our focus is on increasing knowledge in the four domains of physical literacy: physical, psychological, social and cognitive. Or body, soul, heart, and mind for those who prefer.

  • Physical (Body) – the skills we learn and use through movement.
  • Psychological (Soul) – how we feel as we move through the environment.
  • Social (Heart) – The relationships we build as we share experiences.
  • Cognitive (Mind) – The “thinking” skills such as planning and tactics for change.

If you would like to be involved as an organisation or as a participant, please call 0417 494 706 or email admin@outdoorsqueensland.com.au

Here’s how you can get involved:

Proudly supported through the Queensland Government’s Active Industry Project Fund.

The Active Industry Project Fund aims to help the active industry create better connections within the community, reduce the burden on volunteers and increase the capability of clubs.

For more information on this project visit DTIS.QLD.GOV.AU


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