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Contemporary Business Development, Equity, Outdoors for Life Guidelines and Framework. 

Arcadia Women’s Adventures, Founder, Tatiana, captures the hearts of all who meet her. Her warm and vibrant personality, along with her beautiful French accent, sweeps people into her fold. Regardless of whether she is showing you how to cook hearty vegetarian meals, physically pushing you up a mountain or dancing around a fire with you after your first ice bath, Tatiana ensures that everyone’s experience is positive, heart-felt and wanting more.

In 2021, Tatiana made the decision to follow her dreams and create opportunities for women to connect in harmony with nature. Community day hikes were the first step in a year marked with Covid lockdowns.

Empowering women to be all they can be is the essence of the Arcadia Women Adventures. The growth of the business and the services it offers have been significant. From where it started with community hikes, it has grown to now include weekend retreats, 10 day rafting trips and multi day hikes. The business is a great example of contemporary methods of business development.

Building of the Business

Brand Essence: “in harmony with nature”

Define the customer: women looking for a new challenge, connections with nature.

Marketing: Engagement of social media specialists, Instagram promotors, who share the brand concept. Facebook, Instagram, Group chats, Tik Tok. Diversity in imagery for age, culture, size. Focus on connection to nature and people. No makeup, natural looks, no staged photos.

Website development: Strong modern feminine focus with clear options for all levels of involvement. Less is more, the pictures and quotes do the talking, large easy to read fonts.

Team Building: Founder Tatiana had a dream to help other women enjoy and share in her love of being in nature. Speaking with others, Tatiana knew that women particularly wanted to feel safe, challenged and to have fun. Tatiana grew a team of like-minded professional and experienced women from the conception of Arcadia. The team now includes photographers, social media experts, brand advisors, outdoor education experts and guides.

The 5 step Outdoors for Life Guidelines are addressed in Arcadia Women’s Adventures below:

Safe: Experienced, highly trained female guides, are engaged. Participants are taught the physical and safety skills they need prior to main activity. A focus on mental work creates mind-set preparation for more challenging activities. Continued care of body and soul at the end of the activities such as Yoga, nutrition and calming of mind sessions ensure quick recovery.

Accessible: Transportation options offered for participants. Often in the form of a minibus. Differing options available depending on the ability of the person. Advice on supports such as walking sticks etc. available. Options from climbing mountains to paddling, surfing. Local to remote options offered.

Inclusive: Arcadia Women’s Adventure offers options for all budgets. Shared room and tent options as well as private rooms. Community events continue to provide options for all women. All ages, abilities, and walks of life are warmly welcomed. Strong focus on developing friendships from a love of nature and feminine energy. Creation of opportunity for women to enjoy outdoors, even if family and friends don’t want to.

Pathways: From community walks, weekend’s away that includes hikes, yoga and winery tours to 10 day rafting expeditions in Tasmania the pathways are varied for all needs of participants.

Social: Very strong emphasis on social interaction throughout the group. Games, campfire stories, social media interactions are a focus of Arcadia Women’s Adventures.

Arcadia Women’s Adventures concept is strongly based on the life balance an active outdoor life provides. Participants physical literacy growth is acknowledged and strengthened through the programs.

Physical (Body): Providing varying options on hikes and programs ensures that all of the participants are challenged. Yoga sessions increase the flexibility and agility in preparation for the challenges ahead.

Psychological (Soul): Ice bathing, Wim Hof breath work, sound-healing and meditation sessions are offered. The sessions are new experiences for many of the participants and outside of their comfort zone (ice baths and sitting still in a forest), however they are relieved by how relaxed and “normal” the sessions are. Laughter often proceeds.

Cognitive: Steps to preparation, both mentally and for the body are studied and encouraged. Healthy eating is emphasised with delicious, nutritious recipes shared and stored for home. The sessions have a strong emphasis on learning about the surroundings, particularly environmental sustainability and ecological protection at events held at Wild Mountain educational centre.

Social: Above all, the social inclusivity of the program has been the most important contributing factor to the success of Arcadia Women’s Adventure. This has been driven by Tatiana and her team. The group is assured they are in a safe place for women to be themselves, accepted for who they are regardless of their age, sexuality, culture, fitness or career path. It is a positive environment for everyone to follow their own journey with the support and togetherness of the group.

Whilst the focus of the business will remain the empowerment of women through outdoor activity, Arcadia Women’s Adventures is now offers similar options for corporate and group organisations. This includes day hikes, breath-work, ice baths, as well as weekend retreats. More outdoor guides have joined the team and will now offer programs in other states.

The success of Arcadia Women’s Adventures has been a strong brand essence, creation of systems and plans prior to activation, and engagement of experts in areas such as social media and guiding. Arcadia Women’s Adventures are a strong and growing example of “Outdoors for Life”.

This client testimonial sums it up.

“More than a program/event, was definitely an experience that had a very positive impact in my soul that will stay with me forever” Aida W

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