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Outdoor activity providers are recognised by Outdoors Queensland as being leaders in providing welcoming and inclusive programs and activities for families and children.


Registered Outdoors for Life Activity Providers

Albert Bowls Club

The Albert Bowls Club
Balan Pillay
The Albert Bowls Club Inc | Facebook
0427 995 746

Held Outside

Held Outside
Jay Ridgewell
0476 212 616

Held Outside provides guided nature connection experiences, often called nature therapy or forest bathing, for everyday adults and families. We can all benefit from the therapy nature offers, but sometimes we don’t know how or where to start.

Paradise Lost Orienteers

Paradise Lost Orienteers
Mark Roberts
0404 509 924

Paradise Lost Orienteers Inc. (PLQ) is the orienteering club for the Gold Coast and nearby. PLQ primarily engages in traditional foot orienteering, but also promotes mountain bike orienteering, rogaining and other navigation-based sports.

Rollerblading Brisbane

Rollerblading Brisbane
James O’Connor
0411 872 022

Rollerblading Brisbane selects and trains instructors to make your learn-to-skate experience a fun and enjoyable one and caters for beginners (basic stopping, turns), intermediates (mastering turning – great for skiing cross-training) and advanced skaters (slalom, ramp skating, fitness, jumps, and spins)

Wild and Wise Tribe

Wild and Wise Tribel
Nelson Eulalio
0402 917 617

Wild and Wise Tribe goes beyond recreational and educational outcomes by focusing on the wholesome development of the learner, connecting to nature by following a spiritually grounded approach, with plenty of moments to question and receive feedback on their journey to awareness and soul connection. We call that journey “Outdoor Transformation” or most specifically, “Nature-Based Transformation”.

Youth Flourish Outdoors

Youth Flourish Outdoors
Jaimee Galloway
0433 472 132

YFO is a unique organisation, offering early intervention programs to engage disadvantaged young people through complex trauma focused outdoor adventure therapy. The framework is backed up by new and emerging research in mental health showing the underlying importance of regulating the hind brain before accessing talking therapy, such as counselling. This is achieved using a phased treatment process of outdoor activities which allow participants to recognise their physiological states and emotions. We embed our practice in human rights.

Arcadia Women Adventures

Arcadia Women Adventures
Tatiana Reuillier
0427 002 303

Our ambition is to inspire and connect likeminded women through the pure air of the outdoors, while pushing self-boundaries in the safe space of Arcadia Women Adventures.

Arcadia Women Adventures is for women who are looking for a new challenge, connections with nature while meeting like-minded people and reconnecting with nature through the physical aspect of moving the body and doing something different from your daily routine.
We offer various range of wonderful activities in the great outdoors, from community hikes all over the South East Queensland region, to adventure retreats, multi days hike, kayaking and rafting expedition.

Nature Freedom

Nature Freedom
Mathew Townsend
0403 567 064

Nature Freedom aims to improve accessibility and inclusion in environmental and outdoor recreational activities by seeding employment opportunities, connections with nature and a passion back for the environment.

Paddle Queensland

Paddle Queensland
Scott Sharples
0414 960 728

Paddle Queensland is committed to providing the highest levels of support, service and member satisfaction to its 31 member clubs, 1300+ members, educators, coaches, officials and volunteers located across the great State of Queensland.

Royal QLD Yacht Squadron

Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron
Adrian Finglas
+61 413 376 114

Sailors at all levels – from beginners in Optimists or Sabots and juniors in a variety of dinghies through to our elite sailors competing with distinction in class championships at International and Olympic events – come to RQYS to enjoy sailing on Moreton Bay.

The RQYS Sailing Academy offers a wide range of nationally recognised learn to sail and sailing-related courses in dinghies, keelboats, powerboats and boards. Managed by experienced and professional staff, along with dedicated and fully-trained volunteers, on-water and shore-based courses are conducted regularly throughout the year.

Wildlings Forest School

Wildings Forest School
Lindsey Bowles
0438 918 891

It’s fun, thrilling and exciting for children. Without opportunity for ‘safe’ risky play, children miss out on building the hands-on experience and resilience that will help prepare them for the big, wide world.

We live in a society where children are no longer climbing trees, playing sword fights or learning how to work with perceived “risks” like heights and natural environments. We are seeing a whole generation of children with emotional and physical disorders linked to a lack of highly physical, thought provoking and thrilling ‘risky play’.

In an effort to put children first. We created Wildlings Forest School as an opportunity to prioritise risky play experiences for children within the natural, untouched wild spaces of South East Queensland.

By allowing children the freedom to explore and use hand tools, we are nurturing a sense of adventure and strengthening emotional intelligence and physical capabilities. All while observing children’s discoveries at a distance as to allow space for children to negotiate, interact and develop their social skills with each other.

Birdwings Forest School

Birdwings Forest School
Narell & Jennifer
0437 012 708

Birdwings Forest School offer nature connection programs for all ages in wild nature! From weekly family playgroups, full day bush kindy, school-aged nature connection, professional development and retreats, we aim to help you deepen your intuitive connection to nature.

Orienteering Queensland

Orienteering Queensland Midweek Events
James Mitchell
0423 046 001

Orienteering Queensland (OQ) is the state body responsible for the organisation and promotion of orienteering throughout Queensland. It is a sport of cross country navigation and it takes place in the bush as well as urban settings such as parks, university campuses and other open spaces, using specialised orienteering maps. Mountain bike orienteering makes use of forests with extensive track networks with introductory events taking place in more urban settings.

QLD Endurance Riders

Queensland Endurance Riders Association
Karen Winkel
0412 064 304

Queensland Endurance Riders Association is the State governing body for equestrian endurance sports in Queensland.

We share a love of horses and the outdoors, we camp out and experience riding through some amazing parts of Australia. Make new friends and learn more about your horse than you ever believed possible. Endurance is a sport the whole family can enjoy.

The Sea School

The Sea School
Jonathan Goss
+61 428 868 169

Blue Peter is focused on fun and personal development through adventurous expeditions, which can be tailored to a variety of group needs.

Skippering a small boat and crewing effectively, can be daunting as well as exhilarating.
What do we need to learn to “level up”– not just in our sailing and knot tying skills…?
For each person the answer is different; we encourage and support the full spectrum of skills and personality types required to make an excellent expedition crew. Human nature is diverse for a very good reason!

W.Y.L.D Projects

W.Y.L.D Projects Indigenous Corporation
Bradley Crosby
+61 405 382 981

For real world, project-based learning outcomes, WYLD has a demonstrated history of supporting our Indigenous youth – hosting group based, relationship centered spaces for our youth to feel more than safe. The heart of “Where Youth Lives Dreams” (WYLD) is to give back to community and country, travelling to rural and remote communities, providing a space for our youth give back while exploring identity through self-actualisation. “Better to Give”

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